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The answers you give on this website are for your own reference. No-one will monitor what you write and, as long as you don’t give your password away, you will be the only person who can read it.

PotHelp has been specifically created for people who have problems with their cannabis use. We aren’t here to judge you and this site doesn’t make any judgments about people who use pot - we really want you to get well and hope this site will help!

Yes, it’s illegal to have or use pot in New Zealand, but we will not share information with any agency. 

It’s important you know the New Zealand Drug Foundation only has a handful of staff (and they were already flat out before Pothelp was created!!!).  The Foundation’s staff will only have time to dip in and out very occasionally to assess how the site is working and whether it should be tweaked. Individual journal entries will never be viewed. 

If you have any feedback which could help them make this site awesome for people wanting to control their pot use, please flick them an email.

Pothelp is a safe place for you to gain control over your pot use. So get started and do what you need to do to get well.

Privacy policy (smallprint)

The purpose of this privacy policy is to let users of PotHelp know what personal information we collect and what we do with it. Your information is safe with us. We do not share or transfer personal information, and we will never access records in ways that reveal your identify.

No need to disclose personal information

You can view this website without the need to disclose any personal information to us.

Where you voluntarily provide personal information (e.g. through online diaries or other tools), we hold your personal information as directed under the Privacy Act 1993. This Act 1993 regulates us through the information Privacy Principles as to how we collect, use, hold, disclose, access, correct, manage and dispose of your personal information.

Some information is automatically collected during visits to PotHelp, such as browsing patterns, actions taken and videos viewed. Any personal information you enter is only used in aggregate form.

No effort is made to identify individual visitors. Entries made in dairies and other forms are never viewed.

Use of personal information 

We will only use personal information provided for the purpose of administering the website and communicating with you (if you request us to do so)

Your rights and choices

In accordance with your rights under the Privacy Act 1993, you may ask to see any personal information that we hold about you and ask to have any of it updated, corrected or deleted. We may ask you to verify your identity for such requests to protect your privacy, and that of others. Contact us with your request.

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