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Get through withdrawal

What goes up, must come down. It may be off-putting to face a comedown and the feelings that follow (withdrawal), but it can be nice to know that cannabis withdrawal is not dangerous and it doesn't last forever.

Symptoms of cannabis withdrawal
Psychological Physical
urges to smoke (cravings)
sleep problems
loss of appetite
night sweats

Listen to your body. If you’re worried or suspect a more serious medical condition, talk to your doctor or a medical professional as soon as possible.  Even consider telling your GP you are giving up cannabis so they can keep an eye out for unrelated health issues.

5 Ds to get you through

When you start your action plan, it’s not unusual to want to use when things get tough. But the uncomfortable feelings and cravings will come and usually go just as quick. Try getting extra sleep even though it may be difficult at first - sleep is brain recovery time. Here’s five tips starting with 'D' to help you get through cannabis withdrawal:

  • Distract: Don't give your brain time to dwell on the cannabis it isn't getting. Do something to distract yourself - binge watch some series or movies, go for a walk or run, home cook your meals.
  • Delay: If you have an urge, don't fight it just tell yourself you'll make a decision in 15 minutes.The feeling will usually pass.
  • Drink: Drink lots of water, easy walks, healthy meals. Look after yourself.
  • De-drama: For some people, their brain will try to make them think that withdrawal is worse than it really is. Don't fall for this trick; remind yourself that the world is not ending and that the feelings will pass.
  • De-stress: Do stuff to help you relax e.g. go for a walk, have a warm bath, lie on the floor and listen to calm music. Drink less coffee.

“It’s a case of every day, reminding yourself: stay strong. One is too many.” Greg

PotHelp Journal Entry: Withdrawal tactics & diary

Write down your tactics to get through withdrawal e.g. working or studying more, taking the dog for a daily walk, cooking meals, gardening, community work. Once you've started your detox, observe your withdrawal symptoms, especially cravings. When you notice one and get through it, how did you get through it? What worked? Write down what you notice here. Remember to add the date whenever you add something.