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Create rewards

If your goal is to stop completely, the idea to use will pop up every now and again, months or sometimes years after you give up, but these feelings are easy to deal with, as they will pass out of mind quickly.

Wanting a smoke does not mean you are failing, it’s simply a response to certain situations or feelings.

Changing your cannabis use is not the same experience for everyone. When it comes to change, people may struggle with different things. But common challenges include, 

  • difficulty sleeping
  • difficulty relaxing; and
  • difficulty coping with problems that lead to wanting a smoke.

So all this hard work deserves some pay back. Plan rewards for yourself for each time you beat a trigger or for every day or week you go without using cannabis.

PotHelp Journal: My rewards for change

Pre-plan your milestones and rewards. For example, you may save money by not buying cannabis, what could you buy yourself for getting through your first week according to plan? How about the second week? Anything after 3 days?