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Creating a life with a new relationship to cannabis can feel like a new chapter in your life. In fact, cutting back or stopping can be even easier if, rather than focussing on making a change to your cannabis use, you change up your life instead. 

Starting something new could involve learning a new language, getting a new job, joining a volunteer group, cultural group, sports team, dance group, or even going back to church. Another powerful way to take your mind off cannabis could be to move to a new house, or move in with whānau, where you’ll be around people who don’t use.

People talk about how good it feels to reconnect with everyday activities they lacked interest in while consumed by their cannabis use  – shopping at the farmer’s market, having friends over for a meal, learning to surf or climbing a mountain, travelling, reading, designing clothes, writing songs.

PotHelp Journal: My something new

Aside from changing your cannabis use, describe what you're going to do to change up your life. What is the very next step you need to do to get this started?