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Motivation to change

This action will reveal whether you have the motivation to change by weighing the pros and cons of cutting down or stopping. If you work out that there would be more positives than negatives from reducing or stopping it may make it easier to change. An example of a positive could be less fights with a partner. An example of a negative could be less time with friends who smoke.

PotHelp Journal Entry: Motivation to change

  1. List all the benefits (pros) of changing your cannabis use e.g. less fights with you partner, better results at study or work, more money, more time to do stuļ¬€, or more energy
  2. List all the drawbacks (cons) of changing your cannabis use e.g. not seeing friends as often, or feeling bored.
  3. Give each pro and con a rating from 1 (unimportant) to 10 (very important).

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