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Decision time

Review actions one to four, and think about your journey with cannabis so far. Compare what you like with what you dislike. Pick a statement below to represent your decision.

I’m satisfied with my use of cannabis and don’t plan to change it...
I’m thinking about stopping or reducing my cannabis use, but I don’t think I’ll be doing it in the next 30 days...
I plan to stop or reduce the amount of cannabis I use today, or within the next 30 days...
Within the past 6 months, I stopped or reduced the amount of cannabis I use...
More than 6 months ago, I stopped or reduced the amount of cannabis I use, and I have not returned to my previous level of use...

Taper and quit, cut down, or cold turkey

There are different strategies to choose depending on your decision and other factors unique to you like how much, how often, and how long you’ve used leading up to this point. Your mental and physical health and attitude will also play a role in how best to make a change, if that is what you decide to do.

Some people who plan to stop, find it helps to start by reducing their use before stopping. The benefit of this is that the unpleasant feelings may be less intense, but a drawback could be that it feels like the unpleasant period lasts longer. Only you will know what strategy feels right. Reducing can involve working delay tactics into your existing cannabis routine. For example, delay the first smoke by a few hours each day, or reduce the number of cones/joints by 20 percent each day.

If you decide to reduce or maintain your current level of cannabis use instead of give up completely, it’s crucial to put in place a plan or personal rules for this too so that your use doesn't creep up. See Use weed wiser for specific ideas about this.

PotHelp Journal Entry: My decision

Copy and paste your decision statement into your journal. Underneath add more detail about your decision. You could choose a date within the next week and specify whether you intend to quit or reduce your use by then. Or if you smoke a lot of cannabis, you could plan to reduce your use gradually as you lead up to a quit date.