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Change how you think

For some people, their inner thoughts can damage their confidence and become an additional barrier to change. This action is a three step method to change unhelpful thinking.

  1. Catch the unhelpful thought (these often occur when you have a craving), and note the situation
  2. Shout “STOP”
  3. Replace the negative thought with a positive one.


Situation Unhelpful thought Replacement thought
Boredom One smoke won’t hurt STOP! I’m doing so well without pot. I’m not giving up on my goal.
First weekend of hanging out with non-smoking friends Life is so boring without pot STOP! Life will get better and better without pot

“To say “Actually, I’ve got a problem” – that’s a huge process.” Ben

PotHelp Journal Entry: Transforming what I think

A negative or unhelpful thought can happen at any time, especially as part of a craving to use. If possible, come straight to this journal entry and add the situation and negative thought with the date. Then shout "STOP", devise a replacement thought and add it in the corresponding box. Repeat this whenever you have an unhelpful thought or desire to use in any situation. If this is your first time here, think of any negative thoughts you have had in the past and add them now.

Note: The first box is just for your notes. It might be helpful to number each entry to make it easier to refer to the right thought in each box.