Save your progress

Keep going


Set a few goals

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Goals are the targets on your near horizon which, if you do them, will be a step towards the life you want.

Study the table below and have a go at creating some goals.

Goal setting table
Goal How to achieve goal How cannabis will help me How cannabis will hold me back
Saving to move to live in the same city as my brother Save $150 from every pay - don’t buy weed for the next two months Concentration Cost, low motivation
Passing NCEA Level 2 Study for two hours every night (must be straight/sober!) Concentration Memory loss, low motivation

PotHelp Journal Entry: My life goals

The first box is for random thoughts. The remaining boxes represent a column from the table above. Number and enter your first goal in the second box. Then in the following box, number and complete how you to achieve that goal, and so on. Repeat for each new goal.

Try this: Do social without weed

One obstacle faced by some people who want to stop smoking weed is the feeling that they need to be stoned to do things or engage with people. Some feel they can only be creative when they're stoned. Others feel they can’t have a decent conversation unless they've had a joint. However, once they actually bite the bullet and do these things straight, most people find that they don’t actually need to be high.

Think of something you feel you only do well when you're stoned. For example,

  • Going to the beach with friends
  • Going to the movies
  • Walking
  • Playstation battles with mates

In the coming week, do it straight. Afterwards, think about whether you actually needed to have a smoke to do it. The first time you try this you might not feel 100 percent comfortable, but don’t worry, it will feel normal soon enough.